December 30, 2016

Wish You An Inspired New Year 2017!

"What would you attempt to do,
if you knew,
You Could Not Fail?"

This Christmas, I noticed this amazing quote outside a church.

It got me thinking. 


It was as if some angel stood behind me, softly whispering those words in my ear...

The answers to her question were many. Actually more than I had thought!

Later, I searched the web, and found out that the quote is by American pastor Robert Schuller.

This very simple query presented before us by the late pastor has a very clear message.

When we take the fear of failing, out of our equation, and then ask ourselves this question, then only we know of our true aspirations. :)

New Year is all about new dreams and new possibilities! So I decided to share this quote with all, and design a very special wallpaper for subscribers and readers of Lensdepictions, hoping, that it will help you welcome your New Year 2017 in a truly inspired way! 

The next step was to decide one of my photographs to use for the wallpaper.

Now, to me, nature has always been a strong source of inspiration, even motivation, for my creative endeavors. 

I always try to see some great lessons quietly hiding in those seemingly simple things in nature.

My Conceptual - Nature gallery of photographs is made with some of such moments where I had stopped to observe and learn. I can write a blog post about my contemplation over each of them (and I certainly plan to do so whenever time permits :P).

For now, I picked this, one of my all time favorite compositions made by me, for the wallpaper!

It was in the outskirts of Larnaca Cyprus... I had stepped inside a farm to take some pictures of hay rolls. 

That’s where I had spotted this tiny yellow wildflower attempting its way up and out of the tall wild grass blades it was surrounded by…The surreal feel of the scene has still not stopped to amaze and inspire me... :) 

Her attempt resonates so well with the question:

"What would you attempt to do,
if you knew,
You Could Not Fail?"

I wish your New Year is all about knowing the answer to above question and pursuing those answers with all your heart!


Download this HD wallpaper for your Desktop Here!

Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

December 28, 2016

Jan 2017 Free Calendar Wallpapers - Celebrating folk art of Kenya!

This year I had this great chance of visiting one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, the Washington D.C.

Apart from tons of History about the country, the American capital boasts of some excellent national museums of Art.

One of them is of course, the very intriguing, National Museum of African Art!

The art particular to any region or country fascinates me a lot. It so effortlessly speaks volumes of the culture and people of that part of the world…

You can actually learn a great deal about the place by simply observing their art, the materials they use and the sources of their inspiration.

Africa is not considered as one of the most developed continents on the planet. Some countries of Africa are just primitive at the best. And so I was most curious and eager to check out the art from this continent still stuck in old age...

All the artifacts there - the ceramics, multimedia art, fabrics and paintings are so strongly connected to earth and nature. Rustic and tribal as I expected, and yet very beautiful with inspiring details at the same time.

If art museums interests you, and you want to see something other than the European Art or the modern art of the west, I would recommend this museum in DC. It’s a must visit place... :)

I saw these adorable African safari animals carved out of stone, imported from Kenya in the gift shop of the museum.

I took an instant liking to them! 

Never envisioned the wildlife from Africa in this Avatar! 

I just loved the simplicity of the craft.

Very simply put, to me, these handcrafted animal figurines convey the goodness in human hearts, and, happiness! You cannot look at these heartily handcrafted stone animals without a smile! So I decided to cherish this little known folk art of Africa by designing the first calendar of the year with these adorable animal figurines...

You can download these HD wallpaper for free here! Until the end of January 2017! :)

P.S: I made it a point to buy the art for myself too. 

Well, this cute fatty Hippo...he works as a paper weight in my work space! :)

Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

December 20, 2016

Free Printable Greeting Cards & Gift Tags! - Year End 2016

Year-end holidays and New Year is a time to wish those special people in our lives.

In this era of Mobile Messenger Apps, Emails and electronic greeting cards, Written Words have acquired a value and charm like never before.

Even a simple card with our hand written notes makes our loved ones feel special and bring to them a unique joy…

However, sometimes you simply don’t have time to go to a shop and buy the greeting card, or, the shops are closed and there is no time left to wait till they open…How many times this has happened to you? :)

Well, in that case, a printable card comes handy, and the sweetest thing is, you can use them as many times as you wish!

As a Holiday gift for the subscribers of Lensdepictions, I designed this simple and cute printable greeting cards series, called -  

"Gift A Feeling Flower!"

Each of the five cards series has this Big and Bright Sunny flower with a different expression and matching gift tag to use with your gift boxes!

You Can Pick Cards For:

1. Choose Joy!
2.Thank You!
3. I Am Sorry!
4. Hearty Congrats!
5. With Love!

Here is my design at sketch stage:

Simply Download the PDFs for high quality prints...Then Print, Cut and Show your love for your loved ones!

I intentionally kept the colors refreshingly subtle, and the background white, so that you can print them at home with ease! 

My tip would be to use thick A4/Letter size paper for the happiest results! :)

Hope you enjoy these cards as much as I have enjoyed designing them.

Wish You Very Happy Holidays from Lensdepictions!


Commercial redistribution of these cards and/or the artwork on them, in any manner is not permitted and would be a violation of Copyrights.

Illustration/Art ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

All Rights Reserved

November 30, 2016

The Reindeer Wallpaper For December 2016!

Since it was the month of December that I was designing the wallpapers for, I wanted something happy, cheery and really light hearted.

So I thought of a cute Reindeer, Santa Claus's Reindeer, passing by the screen as the December snow falls on its path! 

Here is my Reindeer while it was still in the making… :)

Click on the image below to download the Full resolution wallpapers, they will remain on the Fresh Freebies page of my website till the end of Dec 2016. Then after, you can always find them here, & here.

Free HD Wallpapers for Desktop & Smartphones December 2016

And if you really liked the Reindeer a lot, here is a cute hand drawn style seamless vector pattern I made with the same! Click on the image to get the vector...

Reindeer seamless pattern vector

P.S: Meanwhile, today I just stumbled upon this very amusing (but absolutely true) news about Domino’s Pizza training Reindeer for Pizza Delivery in extreme cold weather in Japan! :P

All Images & Artwork © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

November 28, 2016

Free HD Mobile Wallpapers From Lensdepictions!

Free Dekstop & Mobile wallpapers HD

Looking at the popularity of Lensdepictions Calendar wallpapers and receiving some suggestions to offer Lensdepictions’ Exclusive Mobile wallpapers, I am really happy and excited to announce and present to you the free collection today on Cyber Monday!

You can access the collection here.

Even better, like the page, and get the wallpapers posted to you regularly! 

Access the Free HD Mobile Wallpapers from Lendepictions Android App too!

Enjoy! :)

November 23, 2016

Amrita Sen Agenda Book - A Review

With the year nearing the end, it’s time to go shopping for some office stationery.

A planner/agenda book always tops my list and excites me greatly…

This time around, I chose one from the collection of Amrita Sen, an artist par excellence. The agenda book has captured my imagination ever since.

As per my taste, I prefer soft color palette, subtle, pastel tones, and lightly done prints for my stationery, home d├ęcor fabrics, and everything else that I am supposed to lay my eyes on, on a daily basis.

And so, while shopping for the agenda book at Barnes & Noble, when I saw the cover of this agenda book for the first time, I found the cover print rather uninteresting, so, I quickly shifted my attention to the other planners lying on the shelf there…

…neverthless, an Indian name urged me to go back to it and look inside, at least once.
Well, when I opened it, my mind was blown.

It was not just the efficient layout of monthly grids and weekly planner pages with perfect space for scheduling projects and works (in just the way I wanted), but also, there was this tremendous aesthetic appeal!

As I quickly shuffled through the pages, I was stunned and at the same time extremely surprised at the instant liking I took to the crowded prints and almost loud bursts of several colors at a time, page by page…!

I started using the agenda since early November this year.

But, every morning as I go back to my desk and take this beautiful planner in my hands, I ask one question to myself: Exactly what is that one precise reason I have fallen in love with it so much…

I wanted the answer.

I know, there are lessons to be learnt in that.

The artwork used throughout the book, is simply brilliant and effervescent.

Even it is oh so crowded and yet, much surprisingly, it doesn’t look overly done!

Despite of being so vivacious it doesn’t scream for attention. It merely invites.

This delicate balance, is amazing!

It manages to instill life in your heart every time you give it a look, but without cluttering the mind!

With so much to take in visually, theoretically, it should clutter the mind…but, it doesn’t.

It is on the verge of being “in your face” and still has a definite sense of dignified mystery!

The intricate motifs, patterns and design elements!

It brings the book several notches higher in terms of artistic sophistication.

No wonder, God lives in details!

Then there is this beautiful feel of feminism. Be it the elegant illustrations of women, some beautiful and romantic, poetic lines (those words have a clear sense of yearning and yet a sense of completeness that only a woman can hold) at the beginning of every month, or the enthralling use of colors and designs making every single page come to life.

This much richness and depth, I believe, can only be held by a woman, and these many vibrant layers of life, so inspired, can only come from a very passionate place, can only be created by a woman.

In her words, and in her art, I sensed a Sufi kind of love, the kind Radha had for Krishna. And I guess that is what puts her work class apart.

Another thing is that, the mood throughout the book, is so uniquely Indian, even antique, and yet it has a global, contemporary appeal.

Well, after pondering over all of this, I would describe my latest work purchase like this:

Thorough. Romantic. Exotic. Passionate. Invigorating.

And for the whole year, as I write in it, this beauty is going to whisper to my heart a little art lesson or two, every single day.

As per the answer to my question…Well, I don’t want it any time soon…I don’t want the whispers to stop! :)

Thanks Amrita Sen. Kudos!

Photography & Article ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

November 10, 2016

Fall Inspired So Much...!

Yes, that’s me!  :)
This year, fall was like never before for me…
A weekend trip to the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina really taught me what it means to have hundreds of different hues of warm colors on the palette…Well, the almighty have them…!
And he surely knows…how to show it off, in style! 
As I was capturing some stunning autumn landscapes of the mountains, it inspired me to write a new poem, which I titled... 

Apart from photography and writing, the third area of my creativity got heavily inspired too…
Yes, probably you guessed it right!  :)
The showers of the free falling leaves and subtle sounds generated by them inspired me to design some seamless surface pattern vectors as well …

Above is my initial sketch work and here is the seamless pattern tile…
“Music of Fall!”
Seamless pattern vector of falling leaves in forest stock vector

I was pretty happy with my design, and so I HAD to make two more flavors of the same pattern!
"Music of Fall – The winter forest!”

Seamless pattern vector of falling leaves in forest stock vector


“Music of Fall – The green forest!”

Seamless pattern vector of falling leaves in forest stock vector

Click on the images to see the tiles arranged as patterns…

You can buy the vector files right there, from Lensdepictions Seamless Patterns Collection...absolutely scalable and perfect for surface printing needs on paper and fabric! 
Poem & Vector Art Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave
All Rights Reserved 
(Poem Cannot be used without prior written consent)

November 6, 2016

Seamless Surface Patterns With Bunnies!

When you are fortunate enough to be living at a place where woods are pretty much inter-mingled with residential neighborhoods, you keep getting the sightings of cute things in nature.

In my case, rabbits, deer, pine cones, autumn berries and mushrooms are some of those charming things. :)

Few days back, such a chance sighting of rabbits inspired me to create this seamless surface pattern with rabbits in woods.

Seamless pattern vector rabbits in woods

To me, designing repeat/seamless patterns is like creating puzzle pieces in my mind (when thinking about the design elements of the pattern) and then playing with the very same (while arranging them in the tile)!

The challenge of achieving the rhythm in laying out that perfectly seamless pattern in the end is a joy comparable to meditation.. :)

And the experience of creating this set of patterns was no different either…

After sketching out four different rabbits with different poses and some simple forest trees, I created the woodland inspired patterns: One on white - simple and uncrowded, and the other with sky blue background and bigger size elements...

Rabbits in woods seamless vector pattern

Bunnies in woods seamless vector pattern

And then after, using the same set of rabbits, I designed this fun, whimsical sort of pattern with blue rabbits and blue carrots! This is how a single tile looks...

Bunnies and carrots seamless vector pattern

This is how it looks as a repeated pattern...

bunnies rabbits and carrots repeat pattern vector

Here is the gift-wrap made out of one of the patterns... :)

Photographs & Vector Art © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave
All Rights Reserved

September 23, 2016

Free Calendar Wallpaper - October 2016!

Not long before, I had created this Graphical Calendar Wallpaper for August, for Lensdepictions Free Calendar Wallpapers. Once again, I am tempted to offer a graphical one! 

If you follow my blog regularly, then you are well aware, that nature is a constant inspiration for me. That, combined with my love for shapes and vibrant colors, I designed this fall trees vector background with a touch of whimsy!

If you want to buy the vector, simply click on the image below…

Fall tree graphical forest vector background by Lensdepictions!

Using the exclusive Vector Art, I designed the October Calendar Wallpaper!

To get the HD version of this wallpaper and a free calendar wallpaper every month then after, Like Lensdepictions on Facebook, or Sign up here for free!

Wish you a Fantastic October! :)

Note: To search, buy and download exclusive vectors for fall and more, go here!

Vector Art Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave